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2019 News

10 x Relay - Cat’s Cradle, UT Knoxville, UT Downtown Gallery,  September 6th - September 28th. The passing back and forth of ideas in painting is like the relay and return of the knotted patterns in the game of cat’s cradle. Each painting is a string configuration that we hold out to be received by another, or that we receive and respond to by adding something new, by proposing another knot, another net - exhibition curators, Lisa Taliano and Jackie Meier

New York Studio School 2019 Alumni Invitational July 22nd - August 25th. Selected by curator David Humphrey

Her Personal Space Women Artists and Contemporary Abstraction, Waterhouse & Dodd, NYC July 10th - September 1st. Eight female artists working in a diverse field of abstraction - exhibition curators, Waterhouse & Dodd New York Directors

You Are Not Alone, Casimir Effect, NYC thru June 12th.  These paintings compress the space between subject and object in a move that reveals space to be a charged field of energy and potentiality https://www.casimireffect.org - exhibition curators, Jackie Meier and Lisa Taliano

Entre Amigos, The Clemente, NYC May 3rd-5th, 8th-12th, 12 to 7pm. Inspired by Robert Rauschenberg’s “Hiccups,” AMONG FRIENDS/ ENTRE AMIGOS reflects and responds to the strength and illumination we find through art, friendship and community - exhibition organizers, Beth Dary, Patricia Fabricant and Alexandra Rutsch Brock

BOREAN, currently exhibited with the art and art collection of Eric Wolf. Chatham, NY April 27th - TBD

Notebook, curated by Joanne Greenbaum, 56 Henry, NYC February 9th - March 15th. Over 70 artists exhibit a page of a sketchbook/ something they would not show as part of a studio visit. The pages, inside 9 x 11 inch transparent slip sheets, are hung as a grid. The format echos the small transparent plastic rectangular boxes in which Greenbaum, at a prior solo 56 Henry exhibition, situated her own diminutive-scale 3-D works.

Incise, Echo and Repeat (exhibition website and panel podcast) curated by Camilla Fallon and Kylie Heidenheimer, Abrazo Gallery, NYC January 25th - March 3rd. Panel discussion with David Cohen, February 16th. For further information, please go to Curatorial .