Tension drives my work. Atmospheres and densities align, forming rifts and reverberations. There is tight compression between figure and ground. Paint areas are deep or they hover. 

“Drawn” carved-like lines intersect or overlap. Collapsed structures accordingly evolve. The latter are the means by which color and materiality occupy and traverse the support. A wrested and twisted space also intertwines and unfolds. This rift establishes spatial and surface infinitudes. Emergent imagery may suggest architecture, landscape or cosmology. Narrative also tapers to singular sewing pattern-like markings.

I find affinity with the work of Lee Mullican, David Deutsch and Judith Linhares. A long-abiding influence is Jo Baer’s 1983 Art Forum article “I Am No Longer an Abstract Artist”. Her post-minimalist call to no longer work against painting’s and paint’s inherent visual and physical components, specifically that of illusion, has been impactful.


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