Tension drives my work. Atmospheres and densities align, forming rifts and reverberations. There is tight compression between figure and ground. Paint areas are spatially deep or they hover. 

“Drawn” carved-like lines intersect or overlap. Collapsed structures accordingly evolve. The latter are the means by which color and materiality occupy and traverse the support. A wrested and twisted space simultaneously intertwines and unfolds. This rift becomes an armature for spatial and surface infinitudes. Emergent imagery may suggest architecture, landscape or cosmology. Narrative also tapers to singular sewing pattern-like markings.

I find affinity with the work of Lee Mullican, David Deutsch and Judith Linhares. A long-abiding influence is Jo Baer’s 1983 Art Forum article “I Am No Longer an Abstract Artist”. Her post-minimalist call to no longer work against painting’s and paint’s inherent visual and physical components, specifically that of illusion, has been impactful.


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